What is ChefCoco?

Glad you’re asking! ChefCoco is a food delivery service with the mission of providing you mouthwatering meals for lunch and dinner. Our meals come to you fresh and fully cooked.

Tired of standing in the grocery store thinking about what to cook for dinner? Tired cutting and chopping in the kitchen all day? Tired of spending endless time on food delivery apps deciding what to eat?

So did we.

How does ChefCoco work?

1. We deliver to all offices in Berlin. Including yours, you don't need HR approval to start using ChefCoco (But your HR can partner with us to make the meals even cheaper, so feel free to refer to us)
2. Personal menu - based on your ratings we build you a new menu for each week, with different on everyday.
3. Sign up, order and all of your offices meals will be delivered by 12pm each day in our reusable bowls!


Can I skip a meal?

Of course you can. Just skip the meal by 3pm the day before delivery in the app. Select your dish and choose “Skip it” in the app. In case you realise after that point then we find putting a message in your office Slack/Teams group is a great way share/sell your meal.

Can I swap a meal?

Sure thing. You can swap your meal and we will show you delicious dishes from the day to swap with. Additionally you can just double down on lunch/dinner from the same day.

Do I need to heat up the meals?

Up to you. Most of the lunches don't require you to heat them up but the dinner can be. For meals that require heating we provide specific instructions in the app . The meals are never frozen. Most meals just require ~2-3 minutes in the microwave.

How do you produce the meals?

With care. Our chefs build menus based on your past ratings while taking into consideration what is seasonally available. So please do rate meals and leave comments.

Do the meals have a use-by date?

Our meals are delivered fresh not frozen so we recommend you enjoy them within the next 3 days to guarantee the best possible taste for you. Some ingredients like seafood might be taken with caution if you decide to store them.


Can I change the delivery time?

All meals to your office are delivered at the same time usually between 10-12pm each day. You can request to change your office delivery time if you and your colleagues would prefer another time, just message us via customer support. You can also change delivery location to home and then select a specific time by pressing the following button.

When will you deliver to my area?

In case your office is outside the delivery area just drop us a message via customer support or the website and we will activate the area provided there are enough people in your office who want to sign-up.

What happens if I miss the delivery?

Meals that are being delivered to your office will be left at your office so no worries. If you requested delivery to your home and you miss the delivery then we will bring the meal back to our warehouse and leave you a message. You can then pick the meals up from our Hackescher Markt warehouse or if you message us through Customer Support we may be able to find an alternative for you. Worst case we deliver the following day or donate it.

How do I change the delivery address?

You can change your delivery address in the app by clicking the delivery time for the specific day on the menu page. Then just select home and enter the respective address.

How is my meal packaged?

All meals come in high quality reusable ChefCoco containers. We do not charge a deposit for the containers, and you can return them with your next delivery. If you do not return the container within 14 days then you will be charged EUR9.99 per container. However you will be refunded if you end up returning the container at any point in the future.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

All our meal bowls are made of high quality recyclable material (so please do not throw them away). It would be great if you can rinse them out before handing them back to us. However at our warehouse we clean all bowls anyway.


When is payment taken?

The payment is taken at the point of purchase or if added for the next week then on every Friday.

Am I refunded if I skip a meal?

We credit the amount for skipped meals. So if you skip a meal then the balance will be added to your account.