What is ChefCoco?

Glad you’re asking! ChefCoco is a weekly subscription food delivery service with the mission of providing you mouthwatering meals for lunch and dinner. Our meals come to you fresh and fully cooked. Not frozen! We partner with the best chefs, caterers and restaurants to bring you mouth watering food.

Tired of standing in the grocery store thinking about what to cook for dinner? Tired cutting and chopping in the kitchen all day? Tired of spending endless time on food delivery apps deciding what to eat?

So did we.

How does ChefCoco work?

1. Tell us a bit about your preferences. Vegetarian? Omnivore? Pescatarian? We got you.
2. Personal menu - we build a weekly personal menu with lunch and dinner just for you. New meals each week.
3. Pick a delivery time and address for daily deliveries.
4. Sign up, order and we will see you at your door!


Can I skip a meal?

Of course you can. Just let us know by 12pm the day before. Select your dish and choose “Skip it” in the app.

Can I swap a meal?

Sure thing. You can swap your meal and we will show you delicious dishes from the day to swap with. Additionally you can just double down on lunch/dinner from the same day.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes. Whether you go on vacation or just want to take a break from ChefCoco, you can easily pause your subscription in the app, just do it by Wednesday to stop for following week.

Do I need to heat up the meals?

Up to you. In our launch phase we offer a lunch and dinner menu meaning we deliver two meals to you at a time. Most of the lunches don't require you to heat them up but the dinner can be. Where possible we provide specifing heating instructions in the app . The meals are never frozen. Most meals just require ~3 minutes in the microwave.

How do you produce the meals?

With care. We select the best kitchen partners in the city, be it chefs, caters or restaurants that meet your taste preferences and work with them to build personal menus for you each week. Know someone who is interested in joining? Get them to reach out to us at hello@chefcoco.com

Do the meals have a use-by date?

Our meals are delivered fresh not frozen so we recommend you enjoy them within the next 24 hours to guarantee the best possible taste for you. Some ingredients like seafood might be taken with caution if you decide to store them.


Can I change the delivery time?

We deliver the meals at the same time each day, however we know life needs flexibility so if you really need to change your delivery time you can do so from the App ;)

When will you deliver to my area?

As soon as enough people from your area join the waitlist. Spread the word and help us get started in your area! Some ideas that people have used are putting our website link on their company Slack group, Facebook groups or even in their building Whatsapp group.

What happens if I miss the delivery?

Please let us know if you expect to miss the delivery asap so we can accommodate you. e.g. moving you to an earlier or later time slot. If however you are not home when we arrive we will bring the meals back to our Hackescher Markt warehouse. You can then message us through the apps Customer Support to see if another delivery can take place on another riders route or you can pick it up by 7pm. Meals which are not picked up by 7pm will be donated to avoid food waste.

How do I change the delivery address?

Reach out to us via our Customer Support chat in the app with your name and the address you want it to be changed to. Note you can only pick a delivery address that is in our service zone.

How is my meal packaged?

All meals come in high quality reusable containers. Some containers are from Vytal, others are from our kitchen partners while some of them are our own. At the moment we do not charge you a deposit for the containers, however this may change in the future. You can see the number of outstanding containers in your app.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

All our meal bowls are made of high quality recyclable material (so please do not throw them away). We come to your place and while delivering two meals we also take the bowls back from the previous day. It would be great if you can rinse them out before handing them back to us. However at our warehouse we clean them professionally anyway.


When is payment taken?

The payment is taken every week at Friday midnight for the upcoming week.

Am I refunded if I skip a meal?

We credit the amount for skipped meals on your next weeks payment. So if you skip a meal then €7.99 will be deducted from your next week's payment.

When do I need to pause so I’m not charged for the next week?

We collect payments on Thursday for the next week. If you pause your subscription by Friday midnight, you will not be charged for the next weeks until you re-subscribe again.