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Some of the things

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We've been cooking

Vegetarian - Pescatarian - Omnivore

IT’s A Weekly
Personal Menu cooked by Chefs...

You tell us what you like, love, and want to avoid. Your food dreams, allergies, guilty pleasures.

We build a refined personal menu just for you— a curated palette of cuisines and flavours.


delivered FRESH TO YOUR TABLE EVERY DAY by bike...

We cook it fresh, hop on our bikes, and pedal to your place.  We turn up every day with your meals and a smile.

Heat it up, eat it up.



Enjoy a feast, we'll take care of the washing up.

Hand our bowls back when we next see each other, and we'll bring them back filled with new delights.


...for only €7,99 a meal.

YES, €7,99.

We don’t think great food should cost the earth. For a fair price, you get delicious meals, that are tuned to your taste and lifestyle.

Our weekly subscription can be paused or cancelled without any nasty fees.

You might never want to cook again. But that’s cool. We’ll cook for you.

cooking sustainabLy

deliciousness and positive impact
SHOULD go hand in hand.

LESS food

By cooking up a plan for you at the start of the week, we help to remove the indecision that often leaves the spinach wilting at the bottom of the fridge, the fish ‘fermenting’, or the yoghurt turning.



Lovingly-sourced for you to rinse and return.

They’re more likely to end up in your cupboard than landfill. Quite rightly.

That’s great for our team’s thighs, and it gets us there quicker in a place like Berlin.

We’re big believers in cyclable cities, so wave us down at the lights and say ‘hi’.

No single-use packs, forks,
straws or sachets.

Feedback from our customers

ChefCoco serves a wide base of customers ranging from families or working professionals

I’m a healthy person but found myself eating junk food when I became busy with work, so ChefCoco has been a lifesaver for me to get healthy meals delivered daily at an affordable price.

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Andrea H.
Has been using ChefCoco for 17 weeks.

I'm a mother so having ChefCoco has been a lifesaver for our household. I can choose healthy meals for the entire family, but also skip meals for days we decide to go out. The added bonus for us is that ChefCoco lets me pick any 30min delivery time and I can even change this up until the day before in case my plans change.

review Chef coco
Sofia M.
Has been using ChefCoco for 11 weeks..

As a fitness junkie with basic cooking skills I’ve found ChefCoco to fit my needs perfectly. They have a daily changing menu which means I can get healthy meals without the feeling of eating canteen food each day.

review Chef coco
Sam H.
Has been using ChefCoco for 7 weeks

As a student my schedule is always changing, especially with friends wanting to go out. So the flexibility that ChefCoco gives to skip meals up until the day before fits perfectly into my lifestyle, it’s just not possible with other services I’ve tried like meal kits + all the meals are fresh!

review Chef Coco
Yannick S.
Has been using ChefCoco for 14 weeks

 I’m a hybrid worker so my favourite part of ChefCoco is they let me swap the delivery location between my home and the office during the week. Plus they offer free delivery if 3 people from the office order!

review Chef Coco
Millie T.
Has been using ChefCoco for 19 weeks.
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